How to Submit Artwork & Prepare your files

Submitting artwork for most items requires no bleed.

We've tried to making artwork submission as easy as possible. For most of our signage products, they DO NOT require any bleed. To be sure, you can view the tooltip under artwork requirements, and it will give you specific details on that product and what is required for artwork. For example, here is a screenshot of the requirements for coroplast signs. 


Submitting double sided signs?

If you are submitting artwork for a double sided same, you'll need to submit a 2 page PDF file. Page 1 will always be treated as the front, and Page 2 will be treated as the back side. Even if the artwork is going to be identical on the front and backside, you'll need to submit a PDF that contains the identical artwork on both page 1 and page 2 of the PDF. 

If you want the backside of your sign to showcase different artwork, just ensure Page 1 and Page 2 artwork are different.



Submitting signs with different artwork pieces?

We allow to easily upload artwork even if you have more than 1 version that you need printed. For example you want to print 4 different artwork versions of a single sided coroplast sign. The only requirement is that all sizes be the same.

For example if you are submitting artwork for a sign that is 24" x 24" and you want to print 4 unique artwork versions, you would select the following when ordering:

Size: 24" x 24"

Printed Sides: Single Sided

Artwork Upload : Make sure you upload a 4 page PDF file, with each page containing unique artwork.

# of pages in PDF:  4   - This is important. Be sure to let our online store know there are 4 pages in your PDF file so we can ensure it is proofed and pre-flighted correctly. If you leave this as 1, our proofing and automation software won't know you're trying to submit 4 unique pieces of artwork.

Here is an example of that what order would look like.



Submitting signs with Custom Shapes 

If you want to submit your sign with a custom shape other than our standard square cut, or rounded corner, we provide an easy way to do that.
When placing your order, ensure under the section labeled "Corners or Custom Shape" that you select Custom shape. This allows you to specify a spot color in your artwork which our system picks up for CNC cutting to exact dimensions.
You can create nearly any shape you like. You will need to create a SPOT COLOR and name this Spot Color "ThruCut". We recommend using 100% Cyan for this spot color. Our pre-flight systems will look for this named spot color.
Here is an example in Adobe Illustrator showing how the file is setup with the spot color. You'll notice there is additional bleeded of approx 1/8" added all around the Spot color to allow our CNC routers to cut out to your finalized size.